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Kayaking in Lake Liscia

Liscia is an artificial lake located between the municipalities of Luogosanto and Sant'Antonio di Gallura in the Sardinian historical region of the same name. Like most of the lakes in Sardinia, these too are created by the dam that blocks the flow of the river; its construction was completed in 1962 and reached its maximum capacity (after the static test) only in 2004. The Liscia is extremely important since it provides the water needs of the whole north Gallura, especially when in summer tourism considerably increases the need of water.

The Liscia river originates from Monte San Giorgio (731 meters) in Bassacutena and flows for a good 57 kilometers in the Gallura hinterland. The homonymous lake is located at a height of 170 meters above sea level and extends for a total length of 17 kilometers. The Liscia is completely immersed in the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub. The banks are full of imposing cork and holm oaks that plunge into the river waters.

The landscape around us is of incredible beauty: Gallura granites often emerge around us, creating truly special shapes and colors. Often we will meet the cattle of the shepherds who still live in the area with the intention of drinking water. Even more often we will see numerous fish species jumping out of the water in search of some prey to catch. Being an artificial lake, carp, perch, largemouth bass, bleak, catfish and eels have been introduced over the years.

The Kayak Tour

We will start our tour from the branch of the lake that turns southwest. This is where the river enters the lake. From here we will move in a north-east direction aiming at the junction of the two western branches of the Liscia. Here a splendid island forms two beaches where we can stop for photos.

We continue eastwards towards the central heart of the lake where we will meet a small island full of vegetation. From here we will move northwards, aiming for the northern shore of the lake at the site of naturalistic interest of the millenary Olivastri (wild olive tree) di Luras.

Here we will complete the crossing of the lake for a length of 10.8 kilometers. At the end of the excursion we will visit the magnificent olive trees, among which the most specimen could reach 4000 years making it the most among the trees in the world.

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